What's to learn from this very moment?

You are the only one who knows.

I had hoped to make a very simple app, but since you are here I must have failed in some way. Please let me know how I can improve the tarot app or how I can help you using it. You can email me at tove(at)flamt.com and I'll try helping out within the day.

Thanks and best regards
Tarot can be used in many ways. At best, you get the opportunity to see details of your life from different angles. But the conditions of the moment when you pick a card are soon gone and new apply. Changes will evidently happen throughout life, just grab hold of the good ideas. The same goes for this Tarot deck as well:

If you find just a hint or an idea that seems to apply to your situation - use it as an ego boost to go on. If not, just shuffle again or simply find other influences.

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